The roots of The Bad Habit Axe Company reach back to the sixties and beyond. Their music is evocative of many influences: rock, folk, early jazz shuffle, country - well, I guess you'd have to say its just plain American.

The core of the band is made up of two brothers: Dan "Nails" and Michael "Thumbless" Blaisdell. They have been playing together for over 30 years now. Dan writes all the songs, from fast-paced rock to haunting ballads. Dan plays everything!! - guitar, keyboards, drums, harmonica, banjo, cello - even a beer bottle. Michael performs on the bass guitar (and occasionally on the Craganmore). In addition to this core, there are any number of other performers at any given time.

The number of musicians ebbs and flows as circumstances arise - circumstances such as geography, timing, other gigs, etc. Some of these musicians (all of whom appear on the first CD - "Axiomatic") include Pete "Stub" Graziano who plays one of the sweetest rhythm guitars you'll ever hear. Another is the indomitable Neal D. Bluesman who, like Dan, is multi-talented. His blues vocals are something else! In addition, he plays a mean guitar, piano and especially harp. Sam "Dough Boy" Stephens makes lilting leads with his Telecaster that are a perfect counterpoint to Neal's raucous vocals. And then there's John "JD" Dellinger. His lead guitar is breathtaking - sometimes sophisticated, other times raw and primitive.

Joining these musicians on the second CD - "Flying Again", are Stephen Janning - amazing guitar, Benny Stroud - organist , Mark Ritchie -drummer, and our chainsaw wielding friend, Kevin Welch.

All-in-all, this music is hard to pin down - hard to label. The only common denominator across the music is the sense of humanness. In this day of over-produced, "plastic emotion" music made for money - The Bad Habit Axe Company is Authentic.



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