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Appearing on this CD are:

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Circa 2002

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Song List
1.    Press Zero Anytime 9.   A Perfectly Written Poem
2.   I-95 (Dirty Side) 10.   Platonic Bullshit
3.   One Thing I Hate 11.   End Of The Day
4.   It's The Same With A Girl 12.   Stop Walkin' In Your Shoes
5.   Southern Lady 13.   Long Winter
6.   I Need A Computer 14.   Jelly Roll
7.   Happy To Be Where I'm Going 15.   Use It Once
8.   Ballad Of PC Goodtimes    
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What people are saying about Axiomatic:
Dan's "voice is a rich, resonant instrument ... this CD is like a well worn photo album leafed through in an easy chair by a fire."  

- Gerry, Musician, Raleigh, NC

"... at times reminds me of early Jimmy Buffett." 

- Scott "The Ear" Anderson, The Cable Guy, Wake Forest, NC

"VERY nice ... TOTALLY cool ... love the vocals, love the arrangements ... Excellent." 

- Danny Keller, Producer/Recording Engineer/Musician, Riverside, CA 

Appearing on this CD are:





1. If You Go Out* 7. Cabin In The Sky
2. Gabriel's Wings 8. Humbird  
3. My Prayers Have Been Answered 9. Take My Soul  
4. Many A Mile / Karen's Song 10. I'm Out Of My Mind*  
5. Sittin' Here Drunk* 11. Bad Moon Rising*  
6. Chainsaw Massacre Blues 12. 20th Century  

I'm Out Of My Mind contains performances by Dan Blaisdell (guitar, banjo, vocals, keyboards, drums, piano & harmonica), Michael Blaisdell (bass guitar, vocal) and Mark Richie (drums). It includes four songs recorded at AR Studios in Manhattan in 1972. The other eight were laid down in 2001 in North Carolina.

This Album is Unfortunately Not Available at This Time



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